What is OnMyShelf?

OnMyShelf is a web application to help you manage your collections.

Manage any type of collection

Books, stamps, vinyls, coins, comics, toys, CDs, postcards, BRDs/DVDs, pens, games, chairs, tables, photos, bikes, files, bottles, …
You can manage anything you have!

Not only for collectors

Because sometimes you just need to know were you stored something, you could use OnMyShelf to organise your stuff.

Expose and share

You can choose to share your collections with other people and let them borrow objects.

Why shoud I use OnMyShelf?

OnMyShelf is an ambitious growing project.
Stay tuned, as many exciting features are coming!

  • Simple

    OnMyShelf aims to be easy to use and accessible to everyone.

  • Unlimited

    Creates any object properties: name, picture, size, storage location, etc.

  • Free software

    You are completely free to install, use, copy or modify OnMyShelf.

  • Made with love

    OnMyShelf is made by passionnate people. Join us!

Give it a try!

If you want to see OnMyShelf in action,
try the demo!